Strategies, LLC

Practice Brokering

With 16 years of experience buying and selling dental practices in Texas, DMS offers a special expertise in facilitating the purchase or sale of your practice.     Our extensive network of potential buyers and sellers enables us to place the perfect candidates together and then walk the parties seamlessly through the process and transition.   Being an attorney, David is able to provide all contractual documentation and navigate the legal in's and out's of even the most complicated transactions.

For dentist's looking to sell their practice, the process is often an emotional one as well as financial.   Transitioning your patients to the right dentist is often as important as getting the right price for your practice.  DMS takes great pride in finding a pool of potential buyers and then locating the right buyer for the right seller, where both parties can feel good about the health of the practice "post-transaction."     We also pride ourselves on building relationships and being there through every step and every question that arises.  

Many dentists decline to use a practice broker due to cost, and as a result languish for long periods of time trying to find a buyer, and when they finally find one it is often not a good fit and/or the transaction proves to be a difficult, long and miserable process.    At DMS we recognize that dentists need help in this area but they also are reluctant to give up a big chunk of their practice value paying for a broker.    We are proud that we are able to offer full-service brokerage at  a significantly reduced fee compared to most brokerage firms . . . and are able to provide much more personalized service at the same time.      Please call or fill out the "Contact Us" information if you are interested in learning about having DMS assist you with either buying or selling a practice.